If you are interested in an animal, please send us a message via our Facebook page, text us at 210-503-9933, or send us an email via the contact form below! If looking for a shipping estimate, please include your zip code!


  • We do not accept payment plans.
  • All sales come with a live-arrival guarantee.
  • All feeder insects, isopods and other supplies are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, with 1-2 day delivery estimates.
  • Any insects that are DOA due to delays/issues with the courier will be replaced free of charge upon receipt of proof.
  • Any insects that are DOA due to the buyer not retrieving them from the mailbox or doorstep in a timely manner will not be replaced free of charge – please request your order be shipped to your local post office and held for pick up if you will not be be available to retrieve it in a timely manner.
  • Any problems with an order upon arrival must be addressed within 2 hours of delivery.
  • We are not responsible for the reimbursement or cost of veterinary care for any health issues that arise in
    1) animals sold as feeders but are kept as pets, breeders of future feeders;
    2) animals sold as pets that were healthy upon receipt, did not present symptoms of illness within 3 days of purchase, or whose symptoms are not associated with care the provided by us prior to purchase.
  • Any animal that is purchased and not properly cared for by the buyer, including improper setup, improper feeding, improper maintenance and not following recommendations – resulting in health declines/death within 10 days of arrival – will not be eligible for reimbursement or replacement.
  • We do not ship live rodents, but do attend weekly meet-up locations (see our Facebook for details) and offer delivery within Texas on wholesale orders.
  • Emailed receipts are provided upon request.