We are a feeder breeder facility, specializing in rats, mice, Dubia roaches, Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, and isopods. We do offer pets, which currently includes our rats, isopods with complete setups, Bold jumping spiders, and African Fat Tailed gecko, and we also offer an assortment of supplies for bioactive setups, such as substrates, bark flats, bark hides, and okra pods.
We supply local keepers, breeders and pet shops, offer shipping to customers nationwide and also deliver wholesale orders all around Texas!
If you’re looking to place an order, contact us through our inquiries page, message us through any of our social media pages, or send us a text/give us a call at 210-503-9933!
If you want to come by our breeding facility to collect an order, please place the order in advance and make arrangements for pickup to ensure that somebody will be available, thanks!